House No.1

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This site represents a corporate country residence for Russian and foreign countries and private persons. You might find renting country real estate for numerous reasons. Either you have a newborn baby and wish to bring him or her up in a rural area while taking advantage of city life comfort, or you are caring children and want your elderly parents to live a carefree life in the country “Alexino” is a number one choice for any purpose.

The cottages are located 38 kilometers from Moscow down the Novorizskoe highway in environmentally friendly Istrinsky district. Notable landmarks include mountain skiing complex “Luzniki”. Total area of the residence is 0.6 acres of exceptional landscape design. Two three-storey cottages cover an area of 320 and 380 square meters. Each house has four bedrooms. The gardener and the housemaid will provide any necessary help in the household.

Both houses are equipped with modern appliances ”Miele” and comfortable furniture, home cinema hall “Dolby Digital” and saunas as well as air conditioners “Fujitsu”. High-speed internet connection is also provided. Surveillance system and 30 square meters security room secure the area. Other points of interest include barbecue area with gazebo and household eco-farm with the access to the forest area.

Particular pride of the complex is 15 meters indoor swimming pool with water heating. The length of the lines is enough for complete practice. There is also a gym with a coaching room, bathrooms and lavatories. The pool is equipped with the heating and cleaning system “Seko”. Swedish ventilating system with heat recovery makes it possible to use the swimming pool at -30 C.

It is notable that the residence is equipped with auxiliary independent power grid consisting of TMGSU-40 transformer and diesel generator “IVECO GE 8031i06” so you do not have to be concerned with connected loads or power cutoffs. The main heating is provided by the “Viessman” gas heating system. All houses have built-in Norwegian fireplaces “JOTUL”. The swimming pool with heated floor and “Seko” water treatment system allows the guests to enjoy swimming even when the temperature outside drops drastically.

The living room is connected with the kitchen and is constructed with top-quality finishing materials. The first and the second store floorboards are made of bamboo provided by “Krassula” flooring. Norwegian built-in fireplace “Jotul” with adjusting thrust creates comfortable and cozy atmosphere.

Spacious (30 m2) and comfortable. Spacious Italian wardrobe and chest of drawers. Winter garden is equipped with “Pioneer Dolby Digital” equipment. Live bonsai grow directly out of the floor. Marine style hand-made ceiling covering, forged lighting fixtures and French fireplace-grill “Invista” inevitably draw attention of the guests.

Home cinema hall is fashioned in marine style with high hand-made ceiling and built-in acoustic system “Dolby Digital”. Jules-Verne library is also located here.